In Raising Him Without Him You Will...

• Increase your knowledge on how your son thinks.
• Undercover some of the things he is trying to express to you.
• Gain awareness of what this new generation of young men is
  going through.
• Unlock some pain he has been hiding.
• Gain a better relationship with your son so that you become a
   better parent.
• Stop trying to figure your son out and questioning your
  parenting skills.

This Book Addresses Your Concerns With Solutions

Gary L. Davis Sr.

• Founder of Next Level Boys Academy
• Executive Director of Next Level Empowerment Center, Inc.
• Author
• Mentor
• Philanthropist
• Motivational Speaker
• Family Oriented
• College Graduate
• Featured in Ebony Magazine
• Recipient of two Proclamations
• Male Influencer of the Year Award
• Non Profit of the Year Award
• Radio Personality "Next Level Radio Show"